As he walked out the front door of his farmhouse, he met the crisp winter morning with an eagerness that comes with a new beginning. While this farm was familiar ground to 21-year-old Layton Schur, this day was the start of something new. He may have grown up on this farm, but now he was a real farmer.


Before taking the agricultural publications course, Murph worked in the CASNR Development and Alumni Relations office as a student assistant, where she currently works today, while also focusing on her studies.
Murph said she believes she was chosen as graphics editor for The Agriculturist because of her work experience.
“I really am thankful for the experience I got in that class,” Murph said. “I was able to learn a bit more than just the news writing side of things, which is all I had in my background. This took my writing to the next level.”

In a never-before-seen addition to the curriculum of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Texas Tech University, students will have the opportunity to study the trending local food and wine industry from the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Texas Tech University named the Illinois native, Ed Hellman, Ph.D., for a full professorship based in Fredericksburg.